Core task 1: Identifying research needs and decisions to implement new ones investigation

Work process 1.1: Monitoring of information systems


The private digital researcher keeps an eye on the information systems of the client or customer and is alert for striking deviations. He
uses specific software to view the information that computers exchange with each other and the activities that take place at the gates of the information system. He also checks the information system for deviations. The private digital researcher checks whether the security of the information system is adequate and meets the requirements set by the organization. He also monitors the confidentiality of data.

Desired result

▪ All noticeable deviations in the information system have been identified.
▪ It has been determined whether the information system is adequately secured and meets the requirements of the organization.
▪ The private digital researcher knows how to act when it concerns “high-ranking people”.

Performance indicator Competence

The private digital researcher keeps his findings secret while monitoring the information system and discreetly deals with sensitive matters, acting in accordance with the ethical standards, norms and values ​​applicable in the organization.

The private digital researcher chooses suitable hardware and software and uses them correctly in order to detect deviations in the information system.

The private digital researcher quickly absorbs a lot of information and sees by quickly associating whether the security of the information system is adequate and meets the requirements set by the organization.
to be able to detect abuse and deviations from and in the information system.

Professional knowledge and skills

  • security of information systems (hardware + software)
  • security of network infrastructures
  • Code of Conduct for Private Investigation Agencies
  • tools (tools) for monitoring information systems
  • Structure and operation of information systems
  • Organizational structures and business processes
  • Privacy legislation
  • types of digital crime
  • techniques for monitoring information systems
  • Personal Data Protection Act

Work process 1.2: Determining the research needs


The private digital researcher receives signals from the organization that could lead to digital research. He can hear these signals from employees in the organization or obtain them by monitoring information systems. He can also get the question
from an external client to identify wishes and arguments for digital research. He takes stock of wishes and arguments and weighs whether digital research is needed. He also monitors proportionality and subsidiarity

Desired result

  • The private digital researcher has an overview of wishes and arguments and data that arise from the monitoring of information systems.
  • The private digital investigator makes a decision about the necessity of a digital investigation.

Performance indicator

The private digital researcher communicates proactively and discreetly when it comes to questions and / or requests
that can threaten the interests of the company, the client and the privacy of individuals.
F Act ethically and with integrity

The private digital researcher makes an inventory of the wishes and arguments within the organization with regard to digital research, without losing sight of proportionality and subsidiarity. R On needs and expectations
of the customer

The private digital researcher is alert to, detects and correctly interprets signals that give rise to this can be up to digital research. He also inventories wishes and arguments based on information from the

The private digital researcher, by deducting the wishes and arguments listed on the basis of information from the organization, comes to a well-founded diagnosis on the basis of which he draws conclusions, taking into account subsidiarity proportionality.

The private digital researcher makes a decision on the basis of an overview of wishes and arguments as to whether digital research is necessary, acting according to his own responsibility and authority and, if necessary, calling in help from outside parties.


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