How To Take Perfect Photos For Instagram

There is a newer trend in the social media market for the increase in visual content being posted by people. The newer platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are all about posting and sharing pictures and visual content with the audience. This makes it very important for Instagram users to take perfect photos for their accounts to get appreciation from their following.

Growth on Instagram is a constant struggle, particularly for newer accounts that are still finding their feet in the industry they are targeting and striving for newer ways to attract audiences to their content. Getting help from a reputed Instagram growth agency will provide the boost that they so desperately need, to get their content more appreciated in the market.

Addressing issues like how to write the perfect Instagram bio for your brand are important, however, the most fundamental element for any account is to generate posts that contain picture-perfect photos, for the maximum appreciation of the audience. Some of the methods that established brands and influencers use are explained below.

Focus on lighting

One of the key elements for producing great pictures is appreciating the importance of having adequate lighting. Using natural light whenever possible should be the preference since images taken using natural sources of light are generally much better than artificial lighting. Try to use good quality lighting equipment that creates an authentic look to the area you are targeting to produce excellent images.

Take photo bursts

Another pro-tip is to take more than one shot of a scenario, two or three should be enough, to ensure that the quality of an image is maintained. Sometimes photos taken are just at the wrong moment and catch someone talking mid-sentence or eyes half-open, which may ruin the moment. Having more photos as a backup will greatly reduce the chance of wasted images.

 Use Editing Software

There is an abundance of apps that can help you edit photos quickly by greatly improving the overall shot being captured. Additionally, using high-end software such as Lightroom and Photoshop can enable you to edit photos in more detail using a variety of tools and features. Mastering the software can greatly improve the scope at which you can edit the photos, and enable you to produce unmatched content, with the correct amount of exposure and lighting. 

Use Rule of Thirds

The method enables you to take photos with just the right amount of balance. This is accomplished by dividing your camera into three sections or lines, going vertically and horizontally, which helps in taking perfectly centered shots and can help if there are multiple elements to be captured in the photo. Most android and IOS devices have the grid lines integrated into their camera app, which can be toggled on to help in identifying the center points.

Experiment with Different Angled Shots

Use a variety of angles when trying to achieve a perfect shot. Try to keep everything as balanced in the shot as possible, and ensure everything is centered before taking shots. The rule of thirds should be kept in mind when experimenting with different angles to ensure the cemetery of images being taken. 

Using these methods will ensure a higher quality of photos to be taken, using most of the scope available and taking the perfect shot.